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We are passionate about kitesurfing, sports, nature and we have managed to turn that passion into our way of life so we can enjoy it every single day teaching kitesurfing in our kite school in the incredible city of Tarifa.

And is that passion what we try to transmit to our students in all our kitesurf courses in our school in Tarifa so they can enjoy and learn to the max during their kite lessons. In our lessons we adapt to each student depending on their kitesurfing level.

With more than 10 years experience in kitesurfing, our kite school certified by FAV (Federación Andaluza de Vela) works with IKO (International kiteboarding Organization) & FAV qualified instructors, motivated and with loads of dedication. In Atlantic Kite we can guarantee the best kitesurfing lessons and an unforgettable experience in Tarifa.

School - Atlantic Kite
School - Atlantic Kite
School - Atlantic Kite
School - Atlantic Kite

Learn kitesurfing safely

If you are thinking about learning kitesurfing it is important to do so with a specialized kite school and learn with an authorised professional because it can be a risky sport. All the kitesurf courses have to be adapted to each student's level.

At Atlantic Kite School, we have the required insurance for Civil Liability and Accidents. We are an official kitesurf school, accredited by the municipality of Tarifa, as well as an Active Tourism company AT / CA / 00339. All the courses include all the necessary material for the safe practice of kitesurfing, radio-helmets, as well as rescue boats.


Meet our team



Founder of the School, Technical Director Level II of Kiteboarding (Andalusian Federation of Sailing), IKO level II

Lover of the wind, sea and waves, he has worked as a kitesurf instructor in different spots in the world.
15 years in kiteboarding and more than 9 years teaching his passion for kitesurfing and the sea.
His specialties include his skills as a monitor in free-ride, free-style and old school.



Technician of level I of kiteboarding (Andalusian Federation of Sailing)

Born in Madrid but with his heart in Tarifa, he changed Spain's capital for his passion for the sea and water sports.
More than 10 years of experience in teaching kitesurfing.
In his class there is no lack of fun and safety.



Technician of level I of kiteboarding (Andalusian Federation of Sailing), IKO level II

His more than 8 years of experience in kitesurfing guarantee him, he will always take you to the next level.
His classes are very didactic and dynamic, trying to transmit all his knowledge and making you want more kitesurfing.

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