Located at the very south of Europe right in front of Africa, Tarifa is a city with a special charm surrounded by nature and incredible views.


Tarifa is known by its charm, old quarters with narrow streets and gastronomy among other things. But we are sure that the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Tarifa, is the wind. And that is because you can find wind in this location almost every day of the year.

The reason is the geographic location in the Strait of Gibraltar, a place where the wind accelerates. The physics explanation for that is the Venturi effect: In fluid dynamics, a fluid's velocity must increase as it passes through a constriction in accord with the principle of mass continuity, while its static pressure must decrease in accord with the principle of conservation of mechanical energy. Thus any gain in kinetic energy a fluid may accrue due to its increased velocity through a constriction is balanced by a drop in pressure.

Thanks to this big natural funnel, the average wind speed in Tarifa is usually above 22km/h and it can go up to gusts of 109 km/h giving Tarifa the name of the meca of wind.

In Tarifa we can talk mainly about two kind of winds: Levante and Poniente.

Media viento en Tarifa(image from windfinder)

The Levante comes from the East/South-East. Because the location of Tarifa, that direction translates into an off-shore wind, which is usually gusty and strong.

Because is an off-shore wind it flattens the water. Is very characteristic and even difficult for kitesurfers and windsurfers not used to these conditions.

Precautions have to be taken when choosing the spot with this wind; in the same beach Los Lances within only a few hundred meters there may be different conditions, with 30 knots in some areas and zero knots or too gusty to ride in others.

The best area in the beach Los Lances is the one next to the river Jara’s river mouth. The wind there is off-shore and if anything happens it may be very difficult to come back to the beach. During the months of June to September there are rescue boats working in that area. You can buy rescue tickets in beach bars, schools or shops.

Another good area for riding in Levante is Valedevaqueros beach or Punta Paloma. In this beaches the wind is off-shore/side-off and there are not rescue boats but the wind direction pushes towards Punta Paloma so there is almost no risk of ending up in the middle of the sea.

When the wind in Tarifa is too strong or gusty, there are other alternative spots where the conditions may be better, like: Palmones, Getares or Caños de Meca.

Viento Levante Tarifa Valdevaqueros Atlantic Kite

The poniente is a westerly wind that blows from the Atlantic Ocean.

In the summer this is a thermal wind which is caused by the difference of temperature between the sea and the land.

It’s a steady wind with an average speed of 20 knots. Is a side-shore wind (although during the winter months is generally on-shore) coming from the sea which generates fun waves in the shore to ride.

This wind, generally, blows steadily in all beaches in Tarifa, but is important to keep in mind the forbidden areas during the summer like the beach in front of the town or the one right next to Punta Paloma which are for swimmers and beach goers only.

From the then end of October and during the winter months, the wind direction changes a bit to the south creating big waves and usually flooding the beach. Sometimes is a bit rainy, but those days are incredible to enjoy a bit more demanding conditions with extra adrenaline.

viento poniente tarifa los lances Atlantic Kite
secuencia kitesurf los lances tarifa


Rutas a caballo en Tarifa

Tarifa is a very active city, with a wide range of possibilities for every taste.

If you are passionate about the sea and aquatic activities you have different options like Windsurf, Kitesurf, Surf, SUP, Wakeboard, Jetsurf, Canoeing, etc.

There are many centers where you can rent equipment or get lessons to learn.

Atlantic Kite is a professional kitesurfing school with more than 10 years experience that offers kitesurfing courses for all levels, as well as gear renting.

For the ones who are not big fans of the beach, there are other alternative activities like horse riding excursions, trekking, bicycle routes, downhill, climbing, landsailing and different natural and cultural areas to visit such as the archeological site Baelo Claudia located in the beach Bolonia.


Accommodation Tarifa Atlantic Kite

Accommodation in Tarifa is becoming more and more difficult each year, especially during summer season. From Atlantic Kite we recommend not to leave that matter for the last minute and plan it with at least two months in advance.

There are different options to choose: Hotels, Hostals, Flats, Camp sites or the new youth hostels and surf houses.

In Atlantic Kite we can help you in your accommodation search; we have special deals with Hostal Las Margaritas and Hotel La Torre. We also have available rooms in shared flats with individual and double rooms. These rooms are perfect to meet people as usually you will be sharing the flat with young people who come also to kitesurf and enjoy Tarifa.


Gastronomia Tarifa Atún Almadraba

The food in Tarifa is really good, that has to be said. The gastronomy in Tarifa is very rich and varied with many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy it.

Especially known is the red tuna of Almadraba, which can be found in many bars served in different ways.

It has an incredible texture that sometimes makes you wonder if you are eating fish or an extra tender meat fillet.

Every year in June you can enjoy the well known “ruta del atún” (tuna route) where bars and restaurants offer their best tapas made with tuna competing in a contest for the best tapa.

Here you have a list of the restaurants we like the most:


Fiesta en Tarifa Atlantic Kite

Since the 80s when the first windsurfers discovered the excellent wind conditions in Tarifa, this place has been known not only for the day action in the sea but also for its atmosphere and night life.

Is an incredible place which each year is getting more and more famous not only for aquatic sports addicts but also for the ones who like to go out and have fun.

There is a wide range of possibilities in bars and clubs where to choose, filled with people decided to have fun.

Starting in the beach bars in front of the sea, like the Chiringuito Agua, located at the beach Los Lances right next to the school Area, is the ideal place to have beers or a mojito after a good kite session, or you can also eat something to get some strength back and continue with the day.

In Valdevaqueros beach, right next to ION club you can find the famous beach bar El Tumbao, best place where to enjoy the sunsets, tanned bodies, mojitos and kite sessions all mixed with and unbeatable atmosphere and music.

After a long day at the beach and when the night falls down, there is nothing better than going out and eat some tapas in a bar in the street like El Francés, with a beer in one hand and a tapa in the other, to continue later with mojitos in another bar with a little bit more of party like Aloha or Surf Bar Tomatito.

If after three in the morning you still want more party, don’t panic, you can continue in the club Mombasa located in the center of town or move to the industrial area where there are different clubs to choose like Café del Mar, La Santa, Cube, etc.

Atlantic Kite

We are passionate about kitesurfing, sports, nature and we have managed to turn that passion into our way of life so we can enjoy it every single day in the incredible city of Tarifa. And is that passion what we try to transmit to our students so they can enjoy and learn to the max during their kite lessons. With more than 10 years experience, qualified instructors and loads of dedication, in Atlantic Kite we can guarantee the best lessons and an unforgettable experience in Tarifa.